My first own flat

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After nearly one year of searching an appropriate flat it succeeded. You cannot imagine how hard it is to get a flat near the university district Länggasse in Bern. Ether they do not have a balcony or they are much too expensive and they do not want students or, when you finally found one you like, there are at least twenty other parties having the same impression. But now, finally, I got the keys to my first own flat this weekend. Unfortunately it is not near the university but just next to the famous bear pit near the old town. Haha, I cannot wait to say “good night” to the bears before going home. Admittedly it is not only my flat. I share it with two colleagues who I already know since several years or even since the high school time. Soon I do not have to walk home for more than forty minutes when I once again missed the last bus. But I do have to wash for myself, cook for myself, care for myself… I am looking forward. Within the next few days I will always take some stuff into the new flat (beer is already cooled in the fridge since we received the keys 😉 ) and when there is eventually Internet available everything will be ready to move. Life, i am coming…


  1. axooh said,

    09.24.07 at 03:23

    SHIP IT!

  2. Julee said,

    09.24.07 at 07:33

    pictures, hello!! -_-“

  3. JeyBee said,

    10.05.07 at 12:44

    cool, near the bear pit, didn’t know it was called like this in english. i will come and see and drink not yet this weekend but next week for sure!
    gniesset’s jungs.

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