Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, Sham Shui Po, more shopping – 5. 3. 2007

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After sleeping in I first had to plan my further approach of my trip. I finally decided to leave Hong Kong on Wednesday to see another place nearby: Guangzhou, the Cantonese capital which is only in 1.5h train distance from Hong Kong. The hostel could easily provide me with a visa for China, I could cheaply book a nice 4-star hotel and the public traffic connection from Hong Kong to Guangzhou is excellent. So when I am already here want to make use of it. I think it will be again different from the already experienced Taiwan and the metropolitan Hong Kong.

The rest of the day I wanted to see around in the parts of Hong Kong I did not see so far. It was mainly district in the northern Kowloon. I started with Mong Kok the district that is famous for having the highest population density in the world. More than 165’000 people should live here per square kilometer. Unfortunately I could not really see a lot of this. The streets were looking like I already knew from all the parts in Hong Kong. In the ground floor bright and clean stores or street market stands and upwards the facades of got a bit long in the tooth city houses (photo). Modern skyscrapers cannot often be found here but the life is as busy as usual and also from the mixture of people I could not tell a difference. An interesting thing is that there are different shopping roads which are concentrated on one single kind of store. For example there is the “Lady’s Market” where there are mainly stands with women clothes, jewelleries and baby accessories. Another road houses first of all ornamental fish shops with all variety of species and accessories for your home aquarium (photo).

Another district called Sham Shui Po is an excellent place for buying all kind of computer equipment. On the “Golden Computer Arcade” I could for example find a professional high-end graphic adapter Nvidia Quadro fx4500-x2 (photo), the biggest adapter card I know of.

Back in Tsim Sha Tsui a district near the seaside of Kowloon I wanted to find a pub for an evening beer. But how I already expected not that easy to find. My intuition following I left the main shopping roads into some side allies when I suddenly passed a Turkish food stand selling Döner Kebab. After my rather disappointing experiences in England (Bournemouth) and Germany (Berlin) with this well liked food in Switzerland, I was curious how a Chinese Döner Kebab would taste like. And I was not disappointed. The flatbread was maybe more crounchy than in Switzerland but the ingreadiens where as accustomed firm salad, fresh tomato cuts, onions, well roasted lamb meat and delicious and spicy souces. A nice surprise for my stomach 🙂 . A few steps away I also suddenly found a cosy English-like pub, the Stag’s Head. I enjoyed a pint of Strongbow for HK$35 (CHF 5.20) and the first part of the Premier League match Newcastle – Middlesbrough. A piece of home around 7500km away from the Pickwick’s Pub in Bern. Unfortunately it started to rain heavily while I was sitting in the pub and also now at 1.30h in the morning it does not seem to stop. Hopefully tomorrow will be better weather again. Else I have to disarrange my travel to southern Hong Kong Island one more time 🙁 .

The longer I stay here the more I can actually enjoy this place. The variety of people is very interesting but it is much more difficult to come into dialogue with local people. So far I was only chatting with other foreigners here. I hope it will change one time.

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