What is your Open Mind Index?

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I like statistics. Not really when it is about calculating them but when it is about studying them. Of course first af all when there are statistics about myself. Gaming statistics is the one thing and statistics about music the other. last.fm provides me since one and a half year with hit lists from what music interprets, tracks and albums I am listening on my computers. I already had a lot of ideas about how this statistics collection could be expanded but others already did it.

Check out musickum.com: Open Mind Index Generator, enter your last.fm buddy name and let you show how open-minded you are when it’s about listening to music. You can compare it with others from same country or with same music taste.

For example here my last.fm OMI:

OMI ganto
Tags ganto

As you can see is my index about 104. The mean index of the people using this tool was 94. The interesting thing is for example that the mean OMI for people mainly listening to music tagged “Hip-Hop” is only about 85! Wow, what’s wrong here? Did hip hop once grew up from many different directions of music and ideas for ending here? Or men are with a mean index of 94.76 more open minded than women with 92.90. How can we read this?

There are many other interesting things that you “could” interpret from these numbers. But already our maths professor said: “Don’t trust statistics when you didn’t fake it yourself”.

Now let’s give me your OMIs… Who is the most open minded here?