Virtualized Animal Testing

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Virtualization is not only a major topic in computer industries, but lately also in medicine. A Taiwanese laboratory introduced a “3D-virtual guinea pig” system for drug testing. And they even say “such a process would be able to replace some live animal experiments”.

You don’t believe me… read yourself:
www.chinapost.com.tw: ‘3D virtual guinea pig’ to be used for drug development


New postings

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In the upcoming days I will make up some entries about the past days in Taiwan. To not confuse the chronological order of the days I am going to insert them in between the already written postings. That you can recognise them better I will prefix them for a few days with “(NEW)” in front of the title.


Backup Blog

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Like you maybe recognised are there some problems with my server. Earlier it could not be reached at all and now only the Web server is reachable. Therefore a friend offered to me to host my travel blog at his server. There we are now. Enjoy…


ganto.no-ip.org is online again :-)

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Hallo zäme

Ah, endlich hanis gschafft. Öppe eis Jahr nach mim erschte Versuech, chum ig wider mit emene Blog-/News- und Knowledgebase-System online. Das ganze wird sech i ständiger Entwicklig befinde und hoffentlech ab und zue ou mau öppis interessants für dr eint oder ander vo öich parat ha.

Viu Spass wünscht dr